Certification MEC

What is Moodle Educator Certificate (MEC);

MEC are are the initials for Moodle Educator Certification Program, the new official program to certify educators on the use of Moodle tools in 6 (with the possibility of expanding to 22) digital skills.

MEC replaces the MCCC which are the initials for the Moodle Course Creator Certificate, the certification program for the use of the Moodle Course Management System (CMS) in the design, creation, distribution and management of courses.

Officially, the difference lies in the fact that the MEC Program addresses educators who want to apply Moodle to solve well-identified issues within their teaching and learning practice. On the contrary, the MCCC is considered to require more technical skills and possibly fewer educational approaches than MEC.

In terms of the aims, the MEC is an EXTERNAL ORIENTED TRAINING program, harmonized with the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu) and the UNESCO Core Education Pillars, in contrast with MCCC which was an INTERNAL ORIENTED, well organized program, to achieve the expected competency of using Moodle tools in the 'real world'.

MEC seems to be a modern training program that focuses on developing the digital competencies of trainers and uses Moodle as the vehicle to achieve these competencies. In practice, the didactic approach has an impact on the Moodle tools that should be used to develop a course. In this context, it is understandable that a high level educational process requires a correspondingly high level of utilization of Moodle tools, which is where it we put in doubt the formal claim that MEC requires less technical skills than MCCC.

Beyond the theoretical analysis, MEC program is already in progress, I had the pleasure to participate in the first round where I myself was re-certified as a Moodle educator. I participated as a learner in the same process that future learners will go through, along with other Moodle Mentors Assessors around the world. Our common conclusion was that, indeed, the MEC program requires high-level management skills of Moodle tools, possibly even higher than MCCC!

In conclusion, the new training program for WIDE MEC candidates has two components. One has to do with the development of technical skills and tool management skills at the high level of competence that is required by the European Framework or the Core Education Pillars. The other has to do with the design and implementation of Moodle projects - Design Challenges that meet well-identified educational goals and demonstrate the high level of digital skills described in the previous frames. These digital skills are:

  • Assessment strategies

Align learning objectives and learning activities with appropriate Moodle tools for assessment

  • Integrating Moodle

Focus on innovative ways to use Moodle to reflect on progress and inform future learningν

  • Facilitating accessibility

Respond to learners’ diverse needs and ensure accessibility to learning resources and activities

  • Creating instruction

Manage content and teaching interventions to implement activities that reinforce learning objectives

  • Gathering feedback

Track performance to evaluate, assess, and provide feedback to inform future learning

  • Collaborative learning

Enable the exchange of knowledge and resources to foster learner collaboration and peer learning

The WIDE MEC training program meets the different needs of each learner

  • Provides educational material in various forms (text, video, links, scorms) and gives the learner the ability to freely “move” across the material depending on the degree he already knows the educational subject
  • Provides self-assessment tools that enable each participant to evaluate his / her learning and the degree of acquisition of knowledge and skills.
  • Provides a solid assessment system

During the WIDE MEC program, we facilitate learners to design the 12 required design challenges in their subject area of interest, and guide them to implement them at the highest assessment level (mastery level)

If we keep, as a final picture, the analogy Moodle = Vehicle and Framework of Digital Competencies = Journey, then a certified Moodle Educator is the best driver to successfully drive his vehicle on all journeys!

Aims of WIDE MEC

The main purpose of the program is to facilitate the learners to gain the MEC at the highest possible level. The second and most important purpose is to enable participants to produce their own appropriate educational content for the 12 Design Challenges.

Indirect purposes of the program are to utilize Moodle tools and Frameworks of Competencies at the higher possible level.

Target Audience

The course is aimed to educators and instructors for whose Moodle is or want to become, part of their educational activity. For example, primary school teachers, secondary or tertiary school teachers and trainers in non-formal or corporate training.

It is also aimed to Moodle course creators who want to create courses that are based on a solid educational background.

Structure of the course

The course has been structured in a way that:

  • Provides all the required information using Moodle resources and activities.
  • Provides a detailed terminology glossary. The glossary entries are hyperlinked to it at every point they appear through the e-learning course, making it easy to understand them.
  • Provides forums for communication, exchange of views, solving problems, troubleshooting and collaboration.
  • Provides surveys that record and publicize learners' opinions on the value or usability of the tools listed.
  • Provides self-assessment tools that enable each participant to evaluate his / her learning and the degree of acquisition of knowledge and skills.
  • Provides completed facilitation for the creation/producttion of the 12 Desing challenges required in order to gain the certification.

At that point, it should be stressed that the course is structured in such a way that no particular knowledge is required from the candidates. On the same time, learners have the ability to chose how they will study each subject, spending less time and go quickly through materials that are already familiar with and concentrate on subjects at which their initial knowledge and experience is lower.

MEC is NOT a technical certificate.. As a "starting point", it is assumed that the candidate has set up an accessible and functional lesson. This certificate will NOT cover the installation or management of the server or its applications, configuration, maintenance, connectivity or other technical issues.

MEC does NOT make you a Moodle Certified Trainer, simply certifies that you know in depth how to handle platform operations. Certified Trainers are ONLY Moodle Partners, like WIDE Services Trainers.

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